Painter Bottles

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 Squeeze Bottle
Plastic 3 Oz. Squeeze Bottle.  Size: 5" Approx. Great To Pour Chocolate Into Molds...
Clear Squeeze Bottle 16 Oz
This 16 Oz. Clear, Plastic, Wide-Mouth, Squeeze Bottle Is Ideal For Self-Serve & Hig..
Melting Bottle 4 Oz - Wilton
Fill Your Mold With No Mess Use Just The Amount Of Candy MeltsĀ® You Need. 1 - ..
Squeeze It Mold Painter
Excellent Tool For "Squeezing" Candy Into Details Of Molds Or Decorating Cookies With Royal Icing..
Squeezit Mold Painter Bottle
Excellent tool for "squeezing" candy into details of molds; perfect for decorating cookies with R..
Wilton Melting Bottle
Pour your already melted chocolate wafers, caramel sauce, or other liquid candy into this bo..